Fun and learning in local libraries

Visiting a local library has become a regular part of Daisy’s week.

There’s times when Mummy takes Daisy to a library to browse the board books and to select some books to borrow. It’s a treat for me to watch Daisy exploring the book boxes and displays and to see what books she’s attracted by. She has her own library ticket now and she can also borrow audio books and DVD’s

Library visit
Mummy also takes Daisy to a weekly literacy class run by the library, suitable for babies – pre-school children with a mixture of songs, stories and creative play.
And because they live within reach of a different library, Daisy occasionally goes to another library to a Rhyme Time session.
Libraries have more to offer than just a place to find books to borrow and most local libraries run short sessions each week for babies and toddlers. I’ve been able to share these different sessions with Daisy. You don’t have to be the parent to take a baby or toddler to these sessions and I’ve seen other grandparents enjoying the session with their grandchildren.
No need to book for these sessions and the librarians are welcoming, even on the occasion that we turned up late, because it’s not always easy to keep to a schedule with a toddler, is it.
They are lively, noisy occasions in a library and the babies and toddlers have an engaging sensory time. Some of the rhymes are familiar and the words and actions come back quickly. Some of the rhymes are new and it’s great to be able to learn these and the actions, along with your grandchild.
After the literacy class we stop and have a drink and chat with other mums and grandparents while the toddlers get to know each other too. Then we set off home with at least one of the rhymes buzzing around in our heads.

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