Using tablets and smart phones with toddlers

Last week my computer needed a bit of attention.  Earlier that day I’d been reading this article and as he worked at my computer, I was chatting with the IT technician about using tablets and smart phones with young children.  He told me that he doesn’t let his children have access to a tablet or smart phone.

As a family, we often use our smart phones to chat and keep in touch and Daisy has now discovered how to press a few of the phone ‘buttons’.  We limit Daisy’s access to a smart phone or the family tablet.  Occasionally she will watch a story on Mummy’s phone when she needs a distraction – if they are delayed on the train / bus or at home for snack time and when Daisy needs 5 minutes quiet time.  But as she grows up we need to be careful to regulate Daisy’s use of equipment with smart screens.

Sitting down to write this I also found another article from last year which considers all of the possible effects of touch screens on children’s physical development, their social skills, their eyes etc.

I’m writing this blog because I’m passionate about children’s growth and development. Reading the article on play2health website I was amazed to read the high percentage of children who use tablets and how many toddlers actually owned a tablet.  Should a device with a touchscreen be considered a toy/ a play thing?

As grandparents and parents, we can be smart and remember that watching the same programmes on a tv screen is less harmful than watching them on a smart screen.

A toddler can’t make a judgement about using a smart device, but we can.

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