Understanding the World

Seasons – Springtime

We walked through the park with Daisy happily walking beside us and wearing her rucksack reins. But we had to keep stopping. Daisy just had to squat down to pick up and investigate the pale pink things on the path.


It was a breezy lunchtime and the blossom was blowing from a nearby tree. Daisy had never seen blossom before. We stopped for a while, looked up and watched the tree and the branches and occasionally the breeze lifted blossom from the branches.

Back home and after a nap, we ventured into the back garden with Daisy so that she could have a go on her slide. But before going on the slide she was squatting down again. This time she’d found some dandelions in flower and removed the flower heads to look at them more closely. The bright yellow of the flowers stood out against the green of the grass. Investigations continued by the flower border where Daisy found some blue forget-me-nots. 


The next day, outside the bakery, my granddaughter wrinkled up her nose to ‘sniff’ as she reached around a large planter to smell the white daisies; all so new to her!

I realised that last year Daisy was too young to be aware of the arrival of spring and the colourful changes in the gardens and parks. This year she is curious and noticing the changes and we have a chance to talk with her about the blossom, the colourful spring flowers and the bird song. Each day there’s opportunities to enjoy spring.

We can just go for a walk and stop and look, listen, touch, smell and enjoy the natural world outside.

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