Physical Development

Letting Go

Guest Blog by Daisy’s Grandpa

Just watch Daisy’s face throughout this whole experience: the mixture of anticipation, delight, exhilaration and yes, maybe, a tiny hint of fear. You can see how quickly that small amount of apprehension is washed away by the flight through the air and the soft landing.

Its so good nowadays that there are so many safe environments where we can take our young grandchildren to experience the freedom of just letting go and thereby build their confidence This is great preparation for that leap into the swimming pool, the sea, or maybe down the sand dunes; personally I cannot wait to take Daisy to the beach this summer!

It seems to me it’s our privilege, and maybe our duty, as grandparents to be the ones that help our grandchildren let go and experience that thrill of freedom.

One of the greatest moments as a grandparent is when your grandchild takes your hand for the first time; I think the next greatest moment is when she feels confident enough to let go.

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