Feeding Rudolph and his friends with RSPCA recipes

Daisy and the family will be staying with us this Christmas so I am planning activities I can prepare ready for their visit.  One thing we will be making this year we will be a reindeer food mix for Daisy to sprinkle on our lawn on Christmas Eve; the perfect snack for Rudolph and the other reindeer.

The RSPCA website has some really useful advice for taking care of Rudolf and his friends with recipes and instructions available on a pdf to make both reindeer food mix and a reindeer cookie recipe.


I have made sure we have all the ingredients for the reindeer food mix ready at home.  It’s an easy mixture for us to prepare with Daisy so that it’s ready for an excited little girl to sprinkle in our garden on Christmas Eve.

The cookie recipe is also ideal for children of her age, but Daisy would be very disappointed not to be able to eat a cookie or two after baking them!

Granny Smith Says

I hope, like me, you get to enjoy some time with your grandchildren over the festive season.


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