Counting on repetition: helping your grandchild to master numbers

Daisy first started to learn about numbers from rhymes and action songs then last year she started to watch Numberblocks programmes on Cbeebies.  This series of programmes has really improved Daisy’s understanding of numbers.

Over recent months, with the help of Mummy, Daddy and her childminder, Daisy has learnt the names of numbers up to 20 and now she can recite the numbers up to 20 in the correct order.

Once our grandchildren begin to know number names and can recite number names in the correct sequence we can encourage them to see how we all use numbers in a variety of ways, in everyday life.

By talking and counting out loud together we can help our grandchildren to begin to understand that numbers can represent objects and groups of objects.  As with all the activities, our grandchildren will learn through plenty of repetition.

Together we count out loud the number of little cakes just baked, count the pencils on the table, count the number of steps to go upstairs, the number of cars outside and the people waiting at the bus stop.   (After a visit to stay with Daisy I catch myself counting the steps down to the station platform, forgetting she’s not with me!)

Our next step will be more abstract as we start to show Daisy that we also use numbers to count the things that are not objects.  We will do this through activities such as clapping and counting each clap, walking across the garden and counting our number of strides and then listening and counting the different sounds we can hear in the garden.

There is always time for more talking and more counting; it’s the repetition that will help make numbers stick.

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