Returning to the library

A visit to my local library is just as familiar to Daisy as a visit to the library near her home.  Our visits to my library now begin with Daisy returning the books she’s had on loan from her previous visit to the library.  The process of putting the books under the scanner and then putting those books onto the returns trolley is part of her developing curiosity and independence.

The library offers such a variety of books that it gives us an opportunity to find different titles by favourite authors/ illustrators or an opportunity to try out a new author.  Now that Daisy’s level of concentration is increasing we are trying books with a bit more text on a page. Before I read a new book with Daisy we start by looking at the cover together and talking about what we can see, then we chat about what the story might be about.

Sometimes a library book will become so popular with Daisy that I’ve bought a copy of that book for Daisy to have and to continue to enjoy.  If I’m luckily I’ll find it in a charity shop!

I always allow plenty of time for our library visit so that Daisy can range through the book stands, select a book and then sit on the beanbags or little chairs to read a book with me.  Sometimes that book goes back on the book stand and sometimes it comes home with us.  The process is then repeated with her next selection.  At other times, Daisy will enjoy picking out and looking through a book that she may have enjoyed a year ago.  Reflecting on past books enjoyed gives her confidence to move on in her book enjoyment.

Eventually, when Daisy has settled on the books that she wants to take home, we return to the scanner with Daisy’s library card and her selection.  Putting the books in the scanner, pressing the touch screen to ‘Borrow’ and collecting her ‘ticket’ from the printer completes her library visit.

Copies of two library books: The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler and The Paper Dolls by Jilia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb

Granny Smith says

Libraries are becoming familiar friendly places to Daisy.  She enjoys re-discovering books she has enjoyed as much as discovering new ones.  This process, as well as understanding the process of borrowing books builds confidence and self esteem.

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