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Helping your grandchildren from a distance

I’ve realised that I need to change the focus of my blog.  It’s hard to accept but soon many grandparents will not be able to have close contact time with their grandchildren.  We’re used to being the reliable backstop, not the vulnerable ones aren’t we?

I don’t expect it to be long before schools, children’s nurseries, playgroups and clubs etc are to close and your grandchildren will be at home all the time.

Now you have an opportunity to help your families to prepare for these closures and by doing so, that might help you to feel in touch with them all.

Sit down, go online and order some equipment and materials; books or games to be sent to your families addresses so that it’s there and ready for them when the closures happen.

I’d start with ordering some craft materials as most children enjoy sometime doing craft activities.  Start with the basics like craft papers, crayons, paints and paint brushes, glue  and probably some stickers.  Baker Ross have a fantastic ranges of goods for children of all ages and they often have promotions too.   Amazon also stock children’s craft materials.

Children also need to have some kind of physical play in their day and that might be a challenge in some homes.  What about some beanbags  – not the kind that you sit on, but the kind of bean bags that can be held in small hands and used to toss into/onto targets.  Or maybe some hula hoops which could also be used with a light fabric to make a tunnel.

Your grandchildren will also need some quiet time at home and another option for you to consider is to treat your grandchildren to a new book.  Usborne books have plenty of choice and you can search by age group.  Puffin books have a colourful website too, full of ideas.  Or browse the booksellers Waterstones site for ideas.

If you know that your grandchildren have plenty of craft kit, a good selection of books and physical play kit you can still treat them with an educational toy or game.  I’m going to recommend the Learning Resources website to you as I know that they have a large range of toys and games to suit different school ages and the full curriculum subject range.

Granny Smith says

These websites should give you plenty of ideas and the opportunity to make purchases from home.  I hope you enjoy this distraction and, whatever the news, think positive

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