Books and your Library

Do you have moments when you stop and wonder – why has it taken me so long to think of doing that?
I had one of those moments while I was in our local library yesterday.
I asked the librarian if It was possible for me to borrow children’s books on my adult library card. Helpful as always answer was yes; I could borrow children’s fiction books up to my total adult ticket allowance of 15 books.
So I was soon on my hands and knees at the library’s wonderful boxes of children’s board books picking out a selection ready for Daisy’s next visit! Daisy loves books and we love sharing books with her. I am going to fill a coloured trug tub that I bought for £1.99 from a local garden centre with this wealth of books for Daisy to discover when she arrives. If she is anything like her dad was at her age she’ll race through them, but that’s not a problem; now I can make sure to have a regular supply of books for her visits to our house and I’m supporting our local library at the same time.


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