Which books for Very Young Learners?

BooksYesterday I thought that in my previous blog I should have said which books I picked from the selection available at my local library!
Toddlers are ‘touchers’ and feel with their hands, their fingers, their mouth (and their feet) so this book selection should provide Daisy with a wealth of sensory experiences.

I’ve picked two “That’s Not My…” books by Usborne, “That’s Not My Squirrel” and “That’s Not My Fox.” Daisy has “That’s Not My Duck” at home so she’s familiar with the format of these touchy feely books and will enjoy searching each page to find the different textures and the little white mouse.
Usborne have 57 titles in the “That’s Not My..” range so there’s plenty of options there for future books to share.
If you go onto the Usborne website you can sign up for the Usborne newsletter. I’ve just done that so that I receive news of new books and it also gives access to some free activity sheets for children 0-13 years. What a bonus!

“Time for a Bath” is simply a board book story with an active bunny getting messy and enjoying bathtime.

Another Usborne book that I selected is “Baby’s very first touchy-feely play book”. I picked this book for it’s brightly coloured and patterned illustrations with a variety of textured surfaces and cut outs as well as the language of those onomatopoeic words.

It’s winter so there’s story board book “Pip and Posy The Snowy Day”. Daisy is becoming familiar with the Pip and Posy characters as she has “Pip and Posy The bedtime Frog”.

And I selected three bigger board books.
You can see right through “Grumpy Gertie”! The book is a turn around and upside down book with large cut outs giving Gertie frowns on one side and smiles on the other side. The book is for 2 – 6year olds but I think Daisy will enjoy tracing her fingers across the frowns and smiles.
“Sophie’s Big Beep Beep Book!” is different from the other books as it has flaps to lift and also has some light activated sounds. And Daisy has her own Sophie the giraffe toy so I’ll put toy Sophie next to the book so that Daisy can see Sophie as a toy and as a character in a book.
The third bigger board book is another lift the flap book from The World of Eric Carle ( and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.
First published in 1969 there must be a lot of grandparents who are already familiar with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Daisy has a board book version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and last time I read the book to her instead of me pointing to the holes on the pages, she grasped one of my fingers and then traced it over the holes!

The books are all back in the yellow tub and on the floor within easy reach for Daisy.
Now I wonder which of these eight books will become Daisy’s favourite book during her visit.

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