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More Play Ideas using Extra large disposable foil roasting trays

Daisy’s continued to enjoy play with the two large foil roasting trays. This time we set the trays out with some dried macaroni, some colourful kitchen serving bowls and beakers, and a few stray items that Daisy added herself.
Pasta is ideal because it’s a dried food item so if Daisy does put it in her mouth it’s not a problem. Although any pasta is ideal for this play, I particularly like dried macaroni for small hands.

We put the macaroni in one of the large serving bowls and after examining the macaroni pieces, Daisy happily scooped handsful into the beakers as she began transferring the pasta into the foil trays. Pouring pasta into the foil trays Daisy discovered the different sounds that the pasta could make as it fell into the trays and she repeated this over and over again.
Then Daisy climbing into one of the trays and discovered that these foil roasting trays were the perfect size for her to sit in! And Daisy continued the rest of her pasta play sat in one of the trays where she also discovered a small box, added some macaroni and started shaking it.

Pasta play is particularly versatile and is so easy to set up.
Some general tips for play with pasta – put down a large throw or sheet on the floor before setting out the activity as that helps clearing up the pasta at the end of play.

Change the pasta for your grandchildren to discover and experience different textures, shapes and colours of pasta. And you don’t have to restrict the play to one pasta type at a time. Mix up the pasta shapes and colours and give your grandchildren the widest experiences.
Change the containers that you put out with the pasta. So many different combinations are possible.

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