Exploring books with young toddlers

I’m collecting up those library books, ready to return them to my local library this week. They’ve been such a success with Daisy and so popular with all of the family who have been sharing them with Daisy; reading them to her and exploring the pictures.


The books have been returned to the yellow tub at the end of each day but when Daisy discovered that most of them fitted into the compartment of her little ride-on car she would push her book cargo around the house to find someone who might be ready to share a book or two.


She’s found two special favourites in this set of books. If Daisy wants to look at a book herself she has tended to select a book that she can interact with and Puffin’s ‘WHERE IS The Very Hungry Caterpillar?’ has been the book she’s chosen.

However if Daisy wants a cuddle and a story while she’s having a drink and a quiet time then she’s chosen ‘Pip and Posy The Snowy Day’ by Axel Scheffler (the illustrator of The Gruffalo).

I’ve had a look on the Nosy Crow website (publishers of Pip and Posy books) to see what other Pip and Posy titles I can look out for and to also read about the author Axel Scheffler.

Seeing how much Daisy has enjoyed these books, I’ve realised all over again how important it is for very young toddlers to have easy access to a wide selection of books. Children’s books now come in so many shapes and sizes, including textures and even sounds. These books give toddlers sensory experiences and encourages them to engage with books. While hearing adults reading to them helps a toddler’s development of speech and listening.

So when I return the books I’ll have a look through the library’s book boxes again and pick out more books to share with Daisy. It’s my turn to travel to see Daisy later this month so I’ll pick a couple of books to fit into my big handbag and we can share them when we’re out and about together.

I know I won’t be there long before she’ll be burrowing in my bag for her next book.

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