Helping our grandchildren grow, play, learn.

Daisy enjoys the magnetic letters on the fridge at home and we can’t resist playing with the letters too. I love this particular magnetic letters message.


I started this blog to share experiences and play ideas and hope that among blog readers it might also reach other grandparents with young grandchildren.

Many of my ideas for play are intended to be easy for anyone to try out themselves. My message to any grandparent is that it’s the play that’s important and it’s not essential to have lots of toys available for your grandchildren.

Quite a few of my ideas come from using everyday items found around the home, along with a few toys kept from parent days and working as a teacher. The little ride-on car that Daisy was pushing her books around in a couple of weeks ago originally belonged to her Dad and has come out of the loft, been given a thorough clean before being used by Daisy and by other young visitors too.

Occasionally I do want to include blogs about play with toys and hope to share ways to play with those toys. And I also hope to include reviews of learning equipment and toys.

All the time I’ll keep that magnetic message in mind – grow, play, learn.


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