Where do socks go?

The elephant socks that I knitted before Christmas have been real favourites so I decided to make Daisy another pair of warm oversocks from “Cute Knits For Baby Feet” by Sue Whiting. I selected a pattern with different coloured heel and toe and also knitted the ribs in the same plain colour as the heels and toes.
I used some left-over brightly coloured yarn that I had from when I made Daisy some leggings last winter. The yarn is from the Schachenmayr Bravo Color range. It’s a self-patterning yarn so it’s fun to knit and it washes well so perfect for a pair of socks for a toddler. I found the yarn while browsing on the loveknitting.com website. If, like me,you love knitting then you’ll enjoy browsing the loveknitting website.


When we gave Daisy these new socks we asked her “Where do socks go?” and she looked at her feet. She can’t quite put them on herself yet so she lay the socks on top of her feet. Lovely.

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