Communication & Language

Daisy in the Night Garden

Daisy’s parents are lucky that between them, they have the time to provide her with plenty of hands-on experiences. So they’ve decided to limit her access to tv during the day (even if Daisy already seems to know how to work a tv remote control).

However in recent weeks Daisy’s evening routine has changed and at the end of a busy day playing, there’s always an adult ready and waiting for a cuddle while we watch CBeebies ‘In The Night Garden’ with Daisy. (Such a clever idea to have a ‘wind down’ children’s programme.) Daisy will watch the entire programme sat on a lap or sat together on the floor.

After about a week of nightly watching episodes of ‘In The Night Garden’, we started to see Daisy imitate the characters – going and laying down like Upsy Daisy and pretending to go to sleep on her changing mat.
Then yesterday, while we were having one of our regular FaceTime calls, Daisy went and found a couple of her favourite play animals, a polar bear and a penguin (these are the larger models made by Schleich not too heavy and a perfect size for a toddler’s hands).



Daisy then pulled out one of her play covers and she began to wrap her polar bear and penguin as if they were being tucked up, ready for bed. She signed ‘Sleep’ and put her head down next to them.



How quickly Daisy is beginning to understand and imitate what she sees and hears. She may not have many words to use yet but she is quite able to understand and communicate with us, if we take time to watch and listen.


By the way isn’t FaceTime a wonderful invention for grandparents who don’t live locally? It’s a magical way to stay in touch with our grandchildren.

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