Understanding the World

The world outside her window

Lucky grandmother that I am, I’ve just spent a couple of delightful days with Daisy. Early yesterday morning she kept reaching up and tugging at the voile curtains at the lounge window. She was so determined to move the curtains that in the end we had to hook the curtains out of the way.

We realised that all Daisy wanted to do was to look out of the window and see outside! With a lounge chair pushed against the window she then had a prime vantage point to watch the people passing by.

At 16 months Daisy has now become more aware of a world outside her window.

It wasn’t long before Daddy was ready to go to work and an excited Daisy stood at the window waving and saying ‘Bye Bye’ as Daddy joined the people passing by the house.
She’s happy to wave bye bye to Daddy because she now knows that he’ll return.


(Please note that Daisy had an adult sat on the chair next to her while she was looking out of the window and I just moved aside to take this photo.)

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