World Book Day 2018: reading resources for toddlers

Late afternoon and Daisy had discovered the laundry on an airer and was rushing about the house with a pair of her stripy tights in her hands while Daddy was trying to make her a drink. Then Daddy remembered that I’d told him about the World Book Day official website.

The website is full of inspiration and resources, including ‘Videos’ where I’d found The Big Little Book Corner and video books for toddlers.
Daddy set up the ipad for Daisy and she sat comfortably on the sofa and watched Noisy Farm being read to her by Rod Campbell.

Just 3 minutes long, but long enough for Daddy to make Daisy’s drink. And then they watched the video again.
017BA8DA-93A0-4FD0-9D11-CF85C1FF5CB2Daisy has lots of play farm animals so maybe next time we listen to the book we can have the animals out and Daisy can pick the animals to match the ones in the story and make the animal noises too.

There are several other little videos to watch on the website too.

One thought on “World Book Day 2018: reading resources for toddlers

  1. What a great resource! And it includes so many of my toddler’s favourite books. This will be a perfect alternative to snack time entertainment when we usually enjoy reading books or playing with puzzle cards.

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