World Book Day 2018; Nursery and Pre-school Resources

I paid another visit to the World Book Day official website and browsed through the resources for nursery aged children where I found a couple of That’s Not My Usborne colouring activity sheets. And there are even more That’s Not My..activity sheets on the Usborne website.

Daisy’s showing an interest in using crayons so I printed off some of these sheets for her to use. She’s at the very early stage of finding out about making marks on paper, using crayons with both hands and holding the crayons with different grips.


Daddy showed Daisy how he does his colouring and Daisy tried out a few of the crayons.


This little activity didn’t hold her attention for very long. She had a tub containing both chunky and standard sized wax crayons and was soon busy tipping the crayons out of the tub and putting them back in the tub.

I also had some bits of fabric for Daisy to stick onto the page after colouring. The squeezy tub of PVA glue was much more interesting than colouring and the crayons so we let Daisy help with the glue. We added a piece of fabric and Daisy added a piece too.


We’ve had lots of great activities with Daisy so occasionally I should expect to find something that she isn’t particularly interested in doing! Daisy does enjoy the That’s Not My… books and picks them out to share with us so I think we can return to these activity sheets another time.

IMG_4710 (002)

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