More about the value of your local library

I’m continuing to use our local libraries to find a variety of books to share with Daisy.  I’m selecting different types of books; board books, interactive books, books with flaps as well books with traditional pages.  Where possible I also try to  include a book that links with Daisy’s current interests.

So given Daisy’s interest in the outdoors, the garden and a recent visit to a garden centre, ‘Doing The Garden’ by Sarah Garland proved to be a perfect choice.  It’s the perfect length to read with a toddler  and has colourful illustrations that are familiar to both adults and children. 

We’ve read and re-read the book to Daisy, pouring over the illustrations and following the individual characters on each page; talking about each picture, spotting the garden gnome on each page and following the antics of their dog.

I’ve just been to the library this morning and now I have another book that I’m sure will also be a big hit with Daisy: ‘Bing Bubbles’ story book. The perfect combination to link Daisy’s enjoyment of all forms of bubbles and Bing, one of her favourite tv characters.

Granny Smith Says 

I’ve discovered that at our local libraries, there is no charge for reserving children’s books. That’s really useful to know, for those elusive books you might have seen when browsing online or for the popular series of books like Pip and Posy or more Bing.

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