Understanding the World

Discovering insects and other minibeasts

Daisy’s interest in minibeasts recently started with a worm, wriggling across the palm of her hand. We’d spotted the worm while Daisy was exploring the compost in the garden.


When we’re outside with Daisy we often try to spot the wildlife in the garden and gradually we’ve been able to show her a butterfly or a ladybird, along with a procession of ants marching across a concrete path.

Jumbo Magnifier

Now Daisy has a jumbo magnifying glass so that she can take a closer look at the plants and insects in the garden. The magnifying glass has a chunky handle so it’s easy for her to hold. We’ve shown Daisy how we can hold the magnifying glass and look through it to watch the insects and she’s curious. She just hasn’t yet mastered the technique of how to hold the magnifying glass on her own.


We’ll continue to find different insects and other different types of mini beasts for Daisy so that she’ll become aware of the variety of wildlife outside.


Toddlers aren’t usually squeamish about watching and holding minibeasts, it’s usually us adults who are the squeamish ones. If you are squeamish then try to capture the small creatures in transparent containers so that your grand child can look and watch the creatures for a little while before you release the minibeasts back where you found them.

National Insect Week

It’s a great time of the year to look for minibeasts in our gardens and the countryside and with National Insect Week next week (18th – 24th June) there are lots of different events organised for families around the country. http://www.nationalinsectweek.co.uk

Granny Smith says

Daisy’s jumbo magnifying glass is made of safe, tough plastic by Learning Resources and they are widely available from good toy shops or online from companies such as Fun Learning.

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