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Green Toys to the rescue!

A yellow Green Toys helicopter sits on the edge of a public paddling pool

Have you noticed that when your young grandchild goes to play in someone else’s house, she quickly discovers the toys that are different from the ones she has at home and she starts to play with them?  We noticed that, on a recent visit to relatives, Daisy enjoyed playing with all kinds of vehicle and transport toys. At home Daisy has a few small cars but she didn’t have anything that she could play with around water and you know how much Daisy enjoys playing with water!

We found the perfect toy for her indoor and outside play in the Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter and mini figures.  The helicopter fits securely into the back of the rescue boat and the duck and bear mini figures fit snuggly into place on seats to ‘pilot’ the helicopter and the boat.


During the summer, Daisy has enjoyed hours and hours of creative small world play with her boat and helicopter, floating the boat on water at the seaside, in her paddling pool at home, in the paddling pool on the Common as well as indoors in her bath.  And Daisy is just as happy playing with the boat and helicopter sat on the lounge floor surrounded by other favourite toys.

Green Toys make a unique range of robust toys that are chunky and easy for a toddler to hold and to play with.  There’s no metal parts and the designs make them easy to clean.  The toys are attractive in design and in their excellent eco-friendly credentials.  Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic and packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard.

PS Today Daisy made Captain Duck a bed – using a Hema brick.  This toy rescue boat and helicopter are toys which will give Daisy months of play and as her play skills develop, they have the potential to be used in more complex role play.

180D0162-3D45-4D00-8992-775ED8FD9224Granny Smith says

It’s useful to occasionally review your toddler’s toys and consider which toys are still played with and which are left at the bottom of the toy box.  She may have out grown some of those toys so it could be time to add some new ones.  Of course when I say ‘new’ I don’t necessarily mean brand new !

Links This is a link to the Green Toys website where you can find out more about the company and their range of toys.  Green Toys are available online from bigjigstoys and Learning Resources as well as from Amazon.

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