Physical Development

Watching the wheels go round

During a recent FaceTime call, an excited Daisy just had to show me her new scooter.
Daisy had seen her first scooter close-up when she was visiting one of her cousins.  He’s a couple of years older and Daisy watched him closely while he was using his scooter and, when she had a chance, she investigated his scooter. 
Now Daisy has her own scooter, and so I had to see the design on the deck of her scooter, the wheels and the handlebars.  While we chatted, Daisy’s play then focused on sitting beside the scooter and turning the wheels, watching the wheels go round and round.
First Teddy sat on the deck then Daisy sat on the deck and tried to move the scooter along with her feet.
For a while Daisy was frustrated that when she moved the handlebars, the front wheel moved as well.  So Daddy showed her how the handlebars turn the wheel direction and the wheel turns the direction of the scooter.  Daisy then spent time walking around beside the scooter, moving it with the handlebars and watching how the wheels changed direction and still went round and round.
During our phone chat Daisy may not have done any actual scooting, but she did find out a lot about how her scooter works and especially how the wheels go round.
Granny Smith says
All of this investigating is building on the knowledge that Daisy already has about wheels. It extends her understanding of how wheels work and the places where she sees different wheels in use.  It will also help to develop her skills using wheels in all types of construction play. This is an example of early STEM learning; Daisy is absorbing the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths involved in machines and motion.

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