Sharing Letter Shapes

I have to credit Daisy with the inspiration for this blog!

Last night a couple of her library books were laying on Daisy’s play table, ready for bedtime reading.

Daisy disappeared into the kitchen and came back with some of her magnetic letters from the fridge door.  She then started to lay the letters on one of the books, placing a magnetic letter on top of each of the letters of the book title.  Daisy carefully matched letter to letter and even took the ‘i’, turned it upside down and placed it on top of the exclamation mark!

The ‘a’ in Daisy’s set of magnetic letters wasn’t the same shape as the ‘a’ in the book title.

So, back to the fridge door.

Daisy then returned with a ‘6’ which she turned around so that the magnetic side was face-upwards and she put that on top of the ‘a’.

Being able to recognise and match things that look the same is an important skill.  It’s possible to encourage a preschool child to do this during everyday activities from pairing up the gloves and mitts to sorting out pegs or the cutlery.

Now that Daisy has shown she is aware of letters and can match different letter shapes we can show her other places where she might see letters: on food packaging, on signs, in magazines or comics and in her other books .

Granny Smith says –

When you are introducing your grandchild or child to letters and they are beginning to recognise their shapes of different letters it’s best to look for examples that use lower case, not upper case letters.  Later, when they become familiar with the shapes of letters, you can start to introduce the sounds to those letters.

A quick activity with letters – cut out some large lower case letters from magazines, pamphlets, leaflets and clean food packaging to have a gluing and sticking activity, sorting and grouping the same letter shapes together.

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