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A Simple Autumn Craft Activity for a Three Year Old

When Daisy comes to visit us she has plenty of play time.  There’s a different set of toys her for her to play with, she has our garden to explore, and I enjoy having those special one-to-one moments with my granddaughter.  As well as joining in with her play-time, I try to  prepare a few simple craft activities for each visit; activities that last about 10 minutes with Daisy and can slot in anywhere in her day.

To try some more seasonal activities with Daisy on her most recent visit I bought a pack of black and coloured A4 sugar paper (sugar paper is better than card for these activities).  I had already put some pumpkins out on our doorstep and Daisy was interested in looking at and handling them and this inspired our first activity.

Preparation for my first activity

Cut out several (small hand-sized) pumpkin shapes from orange sugar paper and cut out some stalk shapes from green sugar paper.

Have a piece of A4 black sugar paper ready.

Prepare a small amount of PVA glue in a jar lid. with a glue spreader


What to do

Daisy used the glue spreader to spread glue onto one side of each pumpkin and to then turn it over and stick it onto the black paper.

Then I gave Daisy the cut-out stalk shapes and asked her if she could remember where the stalk is on a pumpkin.  I asked Daisy to put a stalk onto each of the pumpkins.  One stalk at a time, Daisy spread the glue on the stalk shapes and decided where they went on her pumpkins.


The result is a simple seasonal picture.


This activity helped Daisy to use tools correctly, develop dexterity and hand – eye coordination as well as giving her an opportunity to follow a simple instruction and use her powers of observation.

Granny Smith Says

This simple activity is perfect for children of Daisy’s age,  Well prepared and short in duration it will hold their attention just long enough and results in a successful outcome.

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