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More Creative Autumn-Themed Activities For Pre-schoolers, Using Black Sugar Paper

A pack of sugar (or construction) paper is a great investment offering lots of opportunities for crafting activities including some that perfectly suit events in Autumn.

Sugar paper has a slightly rough surface and so is ideal for young children to use in craft activities. (Just in case your grandchild asks: the term “sugar paper” comes from its use in making bags to contain sugar in the ’olden days!’)

Daisy really enjoyed her ‘pumpkin’ sticking activity.  After she had finished, we realised that it was the first time we had used black paper in her activities.  Daisy has used plenty of white and bright coloured papers but no dark sugar papers.

My next activity with sugar paper gave Daisy an opportunity to try using chalk for mark-making on the paper.  Chalk is so easy to use on the sugar paper and any child can successfully make their marks with ease.  In fact, soon after Daisy had made her first marks on the paper she began to flourish displaying some new drawing skills and confidently drawing circles to which she added hair, arms and digits.

A set of three child's drawings made in chalk on black sugar paper.

As we approach Guy Fawkes’ Night on November 5th there’s another opportunity to use the black sugar paper. This date usually heralds a week of fireworks displays so chalk and neon colouring crayons can be used to create vivid firework inspired pictures.

Daisy has been creating her firework pictures while watching firework displays on You Tube, making colourful patterns on the paper and adding a few stickers to complete her pictures.

A child using chalks, large pencil crayons and star stickers on a page of black sugar paper as part of an activity

Granny Smith says

These activities give a pre-school child the opportunity to be creative and expressive in their own way.  While they are trying out different mark making equipment the zigzag lines, the loops and curves of the firework pictures are a fun way for them to develop the coordination that they need to be able to write.

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