World Book Day 2023 – reading for reading fun

World Book Day is a treasured event for our family, as is probably evident from all my previous posts on the topic!

This year’s event, which takes place on March 2nd 2023, will be no different. There is a trove of resources for you to take advantage of this year, as I’ll outline below.

The theme for World Book Day 2023 is ‘Changing lives through a love of books and reading’.

Reading is so crucial to nurturing a child’s curiosity as well as their self-esteem and their imagination. For that reason, I was excited to discover that there are plenty of activities planned at Daisy’s school, leading up to the day itself.

Next week, Daisy’s class is going to go to a local bookshop so that the children can spend their World Book Day vouchers. It’s an opportunity for each child in the class to make their own book choice.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the outing from Daisy and talking about the selection of books she saw in the bookshop, as well as which book she chose to spend her voucher on. 

Maybe she’ll even read it to me? Now that her phonics are really coming along, Daisy is increasingly confident when reading to adults.

A young girl and her grandmother sit and read a book together

Reading resources

In anticipation of World Book Day 2023, I took a look at the official site, where it is possible to look at all of the £1 books that are available to enjoy this year. Helpfully, each of the books is flagged with a recommended reading level.

Browsing on the site, I discovered that each book has its own page where the books can be read digitally. It’s also possible to see a video by the author and there’s the option to access and download an information sheet for each book. 

The information sheets include valuable ideas for adults to use for ‘Book Chat’ with their children, as well as ideas for games inspired by the book, and even sensory activities. 

At a time when many families find that they cannot afford to purchase many books, it’s helpful to consider other ways to access books for children. Now that libraries are fully accessible again, everyone has access to a great source of fiction and nonfiction titles for children of all ages. 

Since she was old enough to turn a page, I’ve enjoyed taking Daisy to our local library. 

The children’s section has lots of space and chairs to relax in – albeit they’re understandably too small for adults! We browse the shelves and then rummage through those hefty book boxes that children love to investigate. We share books and then choose a few to take home.

The World Book Day official website has a section called ‘For Families’ that boasts a large selection of free audiobooks and video stories. We’ve dipped into these for a quiet time after energetic play and at other times for extra bedtime stories.

I hope you have the chance to do the same!

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