3 thoughts on “Pocket money power: introducing children to coins and notes

  1. How old is your grandchild? I have recently started introducing the idea of pocket money with my eldest (just turned 6). To start with we gave him 10p each Friday and set up our own penny sweet shop at home. Then we added sweets which cost 2p. Each week giving him different coins to use that made 10p. After that we began looking at larger amounts and spending in shops.


    1. Hello, I’ve enjoyed reading your comment with my blog about introducing children to coins and notes.

      I really like the idea that you describe. Our grand daughter is 5. We don’t see her every week so, when we do see her, any pocket money from us comes in slightly larger amounts. I will be planning another blog, describing ways to give Daisy opportunities to practise handling coins and being able to make choices. When Daisy and family next visit us, I think that one of my activities with her will be similar to the one that you describe.


  2. I wonder if Granny Smith will explain to Daisy that £3.99 is nearer to £4 than £3 like she had to explain to Granddad Smith ! (I’ll never forget you telling us that, I took it on board too !!!) xxxxx

    On Tue, 8 Feb 2022 at 10:03, Granny Smith’s Diary wrote:

    > grannysmithsdiary posted: ” In the age of contactless payments and online > transactions, it might seem pointless to teach children about physical > money. But there is so much they can learn from handling and exchanging > coins and notes… I’ve been writing about the educational devel” >


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