World Book Day 2022: fun resources and useful links

World Book Day 2022 is drawing closer, and I’ve assembled some useful links and ideas to help you make the most of this special day

My granddaughter Daisy has always enjoyed sitting down with a book

While she doesn’t need a special occasion to prompt her to read with me, she always enjoys World Book Day, and we are already making plans for this year’s annual event on March 3rd

This year marks the 25th World Book Day and the fourth year that we have celebrated the day with Daisy. 

Daisy has marked World Book Day at her childminders, and at her Nursery school. This year she will celebrate World Book Day in her Reception class. 

At lot has changed in the past year; Daisy has been learning about phonics and is beginning to use her phonetic knowledge to start to read for herself. 

When Daisy was 18 months old, we celebrated her first ‘proper’ World Book Day with one of her favourite stories and a selection of her board books. These early books, aimed at very young children, come with their flaps, textures and cut-outs. They always attracted Daisy’s attention and encouraged her to interact with each page.

There’s a basket of books in her bedroom, filled with an ever-changing selection from two different public libraries, mixed in with some of her own books. This includes some of those early books with flaps, textures and cut-outs.  

At bedtime last week, after her bedtime story, Daisy asked “Daddy, if I wake up early, can I sit in my bedroom and read my books?”

Seeing a young child sitting on the floor and surrounded by books was a delightful way to start the next day!

A selection of images of a child reading books alone and with a grandparent
Daisy has always enjoyed burying herself in a book!

While Daisy enjoys browsing through the books, turning pages and studying the illustrations, the early books remain popular because now she can take them out of the book basket and use her phonetic skills to read the very simple text on each page.

The theme of this year’s World Book Day is ‘You are a Reader’ and there is no doubt that Daisy has discovered the joy of reading and becoming a reader.

Granny Smith says… 

On the official World Book Day site you can find a link for families, which includes dressing up ideas to inspire you.

It has a selection of videos in ‘Share A Story’ Corner (perfect for rainy days!) and free audiobooks in the World of Stories section, available until 31st March. There are plenty of resources to access for children of different ages too. We are enjoying the  Early Years resources with Daisy.

I hope you enjoy World Book Day on March 3rd.

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